Amidst an atmosphere of political divisions, religious tensions and and growing fear between communities, Sri M (Mumtaz Ali / Madhukarnath) a Modern-Day Yogi, Spiritual Author, and Teacher, chooses peace over violence and takes up a 7500km peace-march, reviving an old mission to re-kindle India's ancient values of compassion, acceptance and human understanding. Through this journey, he and his co-walkers meet with people of all faiths and identities, walking across villages towns and cities, addressing the diverse Indian population to restore the idea of humanity amidst a violent socio-political atmosphere.

The film explores this genuine apolitical attempt for peace as key speakers and co-walkers from diverse backgrounds associated with the movement narrate their experiences with Sri M on this challenging and complex journey from Kanyakumari to Kashmir. The film also traces the idea of how a silent grass-rooted movement, became the longest and the most inclusive peace-march in the modern world, by bringing together leaders and warring communities from different backgrounds and political leanings, on the same stage. 


  • From Dystopia to Utopia. Chronicles of a 7500km peace-march. A Documentary of Hope, uniting minds hearts and communities

    Mitu Varma

    Festival Director – Film South Asia

  • “responsible denizens of the country, who want to foresee a united, inclusive and rejuvenated India not only for them but also for the future generations, have decided to come together and extend their wholehearted support for this initiative and join hands with Sri M in his noble endeavor” 

    E - Narada

    Walk of hope to rekindle a resurgent India

  • “It was about time someone talked about unity and harmony.“

    Lal Sadtalclal

    The Tribune

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